Strategic Plan MIFAS 2009-2013 Strategic Plan: A vision of the future

Fri, 26/09/2008 - 16:41
MIFAS Association has initiated a thinking process to state what the future strategies have to be to assure the entity's progression. This strategic planning process has to allow the entity to adapt to the changes and challenges raised by the environment and the needs of the group for which it is working, as well as to improve the inner operations and the quality of the services being offered. So, MIFAS Strategic Plan (PEM) aims to achieve the following objectives:

- A stronger belongness and compromise feeling of the members towards the Entity.

- To revise and validate the processes in each of the existing areas. - To detect and define the main present problems.

- To define objectives and propose solution alternatives in different areas: government, management and services.

- To define the Entity's positioning, considered that we are a reference association for disabled people.

For the performance of the PEM we rely on the collaboration of the Luis Vives Foundation, through which we have assigned a specialized team on this subject, that is advising and accompanying us through the different phases included in the process. On the other hand, with the purpose of granting participation and representation, MIFAS has acquired the services of an external consultancy, Neòpolis, specifically for the Phase II, in which a shared analysis at internal, external, historical and situational (DAFO). We will inform you soon of the results of the first three executed phases.