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Volunteer Programs

Wed, 04/06/2008 - 23:45

MIFAS is a non-profit entity dedicated to the social integration of disabled people.

To develop the projects it undertakes, MIFAS owns a group of people within the Association, but the assistance of volunteers is also needed, people who dedicate some of their time to solidary action, on their own free will.

We host two types of volunteer:


Our entity searchs for volunteers to take part in our social activities, as well as perform accompaniments, excursions, etc. We're federated at the Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social and we participate in different common projects; the Federation manages the assurance of the volunteers collaborating with us.


European volunteer service is a project forming part of Youth Action Programme (to statal level), in that MIFAS, from 1998, participates as holder association to receive young volunteers all around Europe. Thanks to this programme we are being receiving 4 young girls that had a staying of 6 months to MIFAS residence and concretly, during 2009 MIFAS is counting with the participation of 4 girls.

At the same time, our association hosted four more volunteers in a totally independent way to this programe.