Pere Llonch Day and Resources Center in Vilafant

Wed, 04/06/2008 - 23:52

This centre, inaugurated July 18th 2008, is a pilot experience of the new daily atention model of Catalan disbled people of Social Welfare.

Its function is to attend those people of Alt Empordà region who cannot be integrated in the laboral world, through ocupational integration service and the ocupational therapy service.

On the oher way, the centre works as Alt Empordà delegation, in where the different professionals attends the partner enquiries as technical aim assessment, barrier suppression, laboral direction, training activities...

The "Pere Llonch" name is in gratitude to this Alt Empordà partner who, in a absolutely altruistic way, gave a great part of his fortune afer dying. Thank to this it could be paid 20% of the building.

The center started 1st od September, actually it attend 18 people of the total number of 20 places it has.