Assisted Residence

Wed, 04/06/2008 - 23:49

Our Residence houses 28 people with a Great Physical Disability on a permanent regime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals designs and follows specific intervention programs, adapted to each person, according to his, or her, dependancy level and considering his, or her, environment with the objective of achieve his, or her, total integration and social standarization.

MIFAS Foundation Residence has also all general necessary services to attend the users with full guarantees of quality: laundry, its own kitchen, maintenance and repairs service, and sanitation.

Also, in the Residence, we care for the people living there to keep a high level of integration in the community. That is why the Residence is designed as an open-to-the-public service in which users can come and go as they would in their private homes. Moreover, we've developed a social and cultural dynamization program, that aims to accomplish this objective.

From august, the 1st, 2006 the Residential positions are in coordination with the ICASS, with extensive and general support distribution.


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