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Technical Aid & Architectonical Barriers Supression

Wed, 04/06/2008 - 23:48



Subsidized by the Departament d’Acció Social i Ciutadania de la Generalitat de Catalunya, two different actions are performed:

Promotion of the accessibility and supression of architectonic barriers: It has as objective to empowering personnel autonomy, improving accesibility and favouring social integration of people with disabilities and aged people.

MIFAS offers this service in a free way to those people who with o without mobility handicaps, private institutions, building professionel, traders and arquitectonical barreers interested in.

Specifically the Profesionel who is in charge of making the programme is an arquitect who offers the next services:

-Individualized assessment for arquitectonical barreers supresion and housing adaptation.

-Home visit and croquis design por a later reform.

-Information to professionel in regulatory measures for accesibility promotion.

-Analysis of different regulatory measures, new materials, and technological discovering in this subject.

Those people who are interested in suppess any arquitectonical barreer, can contact MIFAS through 972234502 telephone or e-mail.        

−Information and Advisement Point on Technical Aid.  



MIFAS signed two collaboration agreements, one with the Girona City Council, the other with the Girona-Salt Social Welfare Consortium, to perform the Elder People Assistance Program, Home Service. This program manages the technical aids and the home safety adjustments & arrangements aimed to older than 64 dependent people or younger who temporarily or permanently find themselves in a reliance situation.

MIFAS, at the request of those two entities, is in charge of:

- Storage of the equipment for technical aids that aren't installed in private homes.

- Cleaning and desinfection of the aids before delivering them.

- Delivery and withdrawal of the technical aids.

- Maintenance of the technical aids.