A brief history

Wed, 04/06/2008 - 22:23

1979 > Founding of the Association / First office at Sant Pere Square.

1980 > Creation of the Palau Educational School, second Office of the Entity.

1981 > Creation of the MIFAS Club.

1982 > Recruitment of the first welfare worker.

1983 > New Head Office at Empúries Street / MIFAS declared Entity of Public Service.

1984 > 5th anniversary.

1985 > Creation of TADIFI / Official opening of the Figueres office, the Alt Empordà Delegation / Presentation of the Emili Grahit Residence Project.

1986 > Official opening of the Olot Office, the Garrotxa delegation / Journal Edition: Information Magazines.

1987 > Creation of the MINUSPARK company.

1988 > New MIFAS structure: Associative & company areas.

1989 > Opening of the Occupational Workshop at the Head Office / 10th anniversary / Creation of the GIROPARK company.

1990 > New articles of the Association. From now on, the companies shall be administered from a different management area, not from the Association itself.

1991 > Official opening of the Emili Grahït Residence.

1992 > Official opening of the Laundry (BIG).

1993 > Creation of the MIFAS Private Foundation.

1994 > Creation of SSIL (Labour Integration Support Service).

1995 > Work starts on the Riudellots de la Selva Occupational Center / Creation of the Giroassist Special Labour Center.

1997 > Official opening of the Riudellots de la Selva Occupational Center.

1998 > Official opening of the Casa de les Dunes Shelter / 2on reform of the articles / Official opening of the Blanes office, La Selva delegation.

1999 > 20th anniversary.

2000 > Public presentation of the Sant Narcís District new residence project / GEIEG parking project / Young People Sensitivity Campaign.

2001 > Work starts on the Sant Narcís new residence.

2002 > Official opening of the MIFAS-RENFE parking in Figueres.

2003 > Official opening of the Sant Narcís new residence / Extension of the Riudellots de la Selva Occupational Center.

2004 > Pere Llonch Occupational and Resources Center Project in Vilafant / MIFAS 25th Anniversary.

2006 > Work starts on the Pere Llonch Occupational and Resources Center in Vilafant.

2007 > Opening of the MIFAS III Home-Residence.

2008 > Official opening of the Pere Llonch Day and Resource Center / Presentation of MIFAS new web page.

2009 > 30th anniversary

2010 >New registered office in 43rd Xavier Cugat of Girona / The esplais MIFAS CB and the Girona FC signed a collaboration agreement