Grup MIFAS - /en/frontpage The basic front page view. en OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE VILAFANT PERE LLONCH DAY AND RESOURCES CENTER /en/node/277 <p> The Pere Llonch Day &amp; Resources Center at Vilafant was inaugurated on july 18th by the Government Delegate in Girona, Mr. Jordi Martinoy, the General Secretary of the Departament d'Acció Social i Ciutadania, Mr. Jordi Rustullet, the mayor of Vilafant, Ms. Pepi Comalada and the president of MIFAS, Mr. Pere Tubert.</p> <p><a href="/en/node/277">read more</a></p> Mon, 21 Jul 2008 11:10:03 +0200 asun 277 at THE RESULTS FOR 2008 IRPF'S 0,7 /en/node/372 <p>MIFAS shall receive 140.000 € for the execution of several projects, funded by the "Ministerio de Educación, Política Social y Deporte", charged at the IRPF'S 0,7. At the ECOM level, the financed amount (the overall of catalan entities) is 1.466.000 €, compared with the 630.000 € last year. An important increase that will please the associations and foundations that constitute the present ECOM. It is also a reward for the human and technical effort ECOM &amp; MIFAS are performing, that gets rewarded at the end. All this is happening at a time when COCEMFE is not really helping us a lot, but the people responsible at the Ministry do value the work of serious people. </p> Thu, 04 Sep 2008 14:13:01 +0200 asun 372 at